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THE Hollywood Effect Production

We work across many video genres. Whether you are creating a video and film production or a documentary, we can provide script-to-screen solutions with a top-of-the-line professional look and sound. Whether shooting on location or in our studio, we will create the feel that conveys your message for your branding needs. 

The Team

Beyond The Secret Movie

Melinda Boyer

Director - 

Melinda Boyer is an International Speaker, Author, Film Producer and Director. Having graduated from Hollywood Film Institute , Melinda has gone on to produce more than ten documentaries and produced the hit film, “Beyond the Secret-The Awakening”


She has co-authored over 20 books and has worked with some of the top International Thought Leaders like Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, Denis Waitley, Les Brown, John Assaraf, Carl Harvey, and Brian Tracy to name just a few. She has her own Power of Mentorship Book – Women With Purpose.


Melinda is also the co-founder of the global Mastermind Group, “Carnegie Principle” that has members worldwide. As the CEO of Motivate Enterprise Inc, a multifaceted company in the self help industry, she has lead her team to become an International Brand changing hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.


Her focus is to help people raise their consciousness so that they can create the life of their dreams.


Don Boyer

Producer - Narrator


Don Boyer is an International Speaker, Author and Film Producer.
He has authored over 20 books and produced more than 9 Documentaries including the smash hit “Beyond the Secret-The Awakening”. He has worked with some of the top International

Thought Leaders like Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, Denis Waitley, Les Brown, John Assaraf, Carl Harvey, and Brian Tracy to name just a few.


He is also the co-founder of the global Mastermind Group, “Carnegie Principle” that has members worldwide. As a Certified Intuitive Mentor, his clients include self made millionaires, medical doctors, attorneys, professional sport figures, and entertainment celebrities. His focus is to help people raise their consciousness so that they can create the life of their dreams.

Jeffrey Levine

Executive Producer


Jeffrey Levine hollds a bachelors of science degree from the University of Hartford, Connecticut, a Juris Doctorate

 From the University of Mississippi law school and A masters of tax law from Boston University.


He is a frequent guest of TV and radio shows and appeared in Kiplinger and family Circle magazine also co- authored 8 books including Off The Radar and The  Millionaire Frequency. How many of you would like to say you’ve been featured in a prominent magazine,  wrote a column for the Albany, New York Business Review for 17 years and has been featured in several documentaries. 


Helped a client become financially free by 45 by taking his company public


Helped clients ensure their financial security heading into retirement by helping them negotiate a maximum sale for their dental practice, also helped various client become millionaire within 10 years.


An avid philanthropist, who has supported several organizations and funded scholarships for his local high school.

Travis Fox


Travis Fox has been Architecting lives, cultures and stages for 30 years, holding doctorates in both psychology and clinical hypnotherapy. Reaching beyond the common uses of conscious and subconscious models. Travis has perfected a step-by-step program designed for those who are ready to transform their lives and wake up from the hypnosis of the day to day boredom.


Travis’ online training program Architecting 360 allows anyone, anywhere to unwind their mind’s thoughts to redefine and refine their habits, processes, interrupt negative thoughts and arrive with skills to Architect not only their lives, but their lifestyle.


Travis is a 5-time Emmy nominee and an EMMY Award winner, a Silver Telly Counsel Winner and Judge. Travis has been named by Yahoo Finance as a top 20 entrepreneurs for 2020 and even more recently Top 20 Instagram Influencers by BuzzFeed.


Travis has been on radio shows, podcasts and television programs across the country. Some of which include “The Dew Sweepers”’ on XM Radio Saturday mornings, as well as the Sigurd Vedal, Travis Chappel and more. From television programs like ABC’s “One Life to Live,” The Nashville network and Resorts Networks to name a few. He also has most recently appeared in such documentary films “Beyond The Secret-The Awakening,” (March 2020) the long awaited sequel to “The Secret,” as well as “How Thoughts Become Things” (April 2020). Coming from the world of movies and entertainment makes all of his interviews no matter the platform a truly one of a kind entertaining, educational experience.

Daniel  Rechnitzer


Daniel is founder of with his wife Sonja. He teaches Enlightenment and how to connect to the Intelligence of the Universe for answers, guidance, knowledge and healing. His programs have come to him in visions and deep meditations, where he connects to the Universe for the best and fastest teaching methods to transform peoples lives.


His gift is to ‘answer the unanswered’, bringing through the answers people need to expand their life in an instant. Dubbed a Spiritual Master, his trainings resolve your blockages and belief patterns at the deepest level. His wife Sonja teaches these amazing truths and heightened intuitive ability to kids, adults and those wanting a career helping others as Intuitive Life Coaches.

Daniel’s first book ‘The All Knowing Diary’ was channeled in 3 months to provide readers the secrets to accessing infinite genius and healing.


His recent book ‘Mind Lies And The Truths That Will Set You Free’ will clear more than 100 of your most damaging subconscious beliefs.

If you seek truth, enlightenment and access to the knowing of the Universe, keep a close eye on what Daniel & Sonja are doing at

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John Sachtouras

Executive Producer

John Sachtouras is a dynamic entrepreneur, multi-lingual marketing strategist, with more than four decades of solid and diverse professional experience in the areas of business development, principles of leadership and teamwork.

He owned, managed, and consulted for multi-million dollar businesses in the USA and Latin America, responsible for daily operations, corporate restructuring, and strategic planning.
Consulted a number of private multi-million-dollar mid-size companies and a nationwide franchise corporation in the areas of marketing, sales, corporate re-structure, e-commerce, market expansion, and management growth with exceptional results. Conducted sales and training seminars throughout the US, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. He was the founder of various training seminars for personal development and leadership since 2002 and conducted thousands of business presentations and training around the world.
During his thirty-plus years in network marketing, John has applied his experience, knowledge, and strategies to building organizations of more than one million distributors all over the world, producing well over a billion dollars in total revenue! His results earned him a great personal and professional success, and he made history in the industry of network marketing. He is known as one of the most dynamic and influential leaders, with some of the most significant organization growth on record!
During the last several years he has received high accolades from his guest lectures at Universities, has been interviewed by many international TV programs, and has been a contributing writer in various magazines.
His success is attributed to incredible persistence, and a laser-like focus mentality, and years of diligent work and ongoing self-development, and most importantly, his NEVER GIVING UP attitude.
Under John’s leadership, ASCIRA is radically transforming how people connect with and consume personal and professional development content and get access to great rewards and discounts through online and e-commerce platforms.

Angel Tuccy


Angel Tuccy is an Award-Winning Speaker, Radio Host, TV Producer, Best Selling Author & PR Media Specialist.


Angel is the founder of Make Your Big Impact, a proven system to teach entrepreneurs, authors and speakers how to attract media and publicity for your business, book or brand. Her clients have been featured on 1000’s of major media publications, television, radio, podcasts, magazines and stages. 


Angel was awarded “Most Influential Woman of The Year”, “Best Morning Talk Show” and “Best Talk Show Team” during her 10 years in broadcasting. She’s been featured on the cover of Lemonade Legend magazine, shared stages with top influencers, and she hosts a daily morning talk show syndicated on 7 streaming channels.


Angel is a best-selling author of 11 published books, and she’s been featured in countless others. Her top selling book “ABC’s of Exposure” is the how-to example for creating media exposure in less than 90 days. She shares some of the best ideas she learned from hosting over 2,000 radio broadcasts and interviewing over 5,000 guests, and such as Sharon Lechter, Michael Gerber, Les Brown, Forbes Riley, and Bill Walsh. Her unique approach to media is why her clients call her the Media Matchmaker.


Angel and her husband of 27 years are empty-nesters, and all 3 of her grown children work at Disney Orlando Florida. When she’s not traveling for work, she loves to visit the beach.

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